8 Tips For Achieving Your Goals

Goal setting is the road to success.  Yet, a number of people find it difficult to do even if it’s within reach. Here are a number of ways that will help you to create achievable goals.

1. Ensure that your dream is actually possible to achieve. You want to be a millionaire. That’s possible.

You want to be one overnight and you have no intention of playing the lottery. You also have no one willing to hand you that kind of money. Therefore this goal is not realistic.

The takeaway is not only must your goals be achievable but that you have the ability as well as the resources to reach them.

This is because not all people have equal ability to perform a task. Further, identify the risks involved in the goal. If the goal involves large amount of risks, it is better not to pursue it and think of some other option.

2. Make your goals short and simple. This will make it easier for you to achieve and you can focus on the on what exactly is needed.

3. Discuss the action plans you will take with those who will be with you during your goal achievement days. It is important to involve every person directly related to your goal and ask for his or her suggestions.

4. It is necessary for you to know the reason behind each goal. This is because if you do not know the reason as to why you want what you want then you will not feel the necessity to achieve it.

5. Break down your achievement goal into small actionable goals. This will make the process easier for you. You will get a definite outcome from these smaller goals.

6. Keep the goals in mind as well as jot them down in a piece of paper. By only jotting them down in a paper, you will forget or you will lose the motivation to reach your goal. While keeping them in mind will give you the needed motivation every day.

7. Make your goals public. This way you will be promising to deliver  as you have promised them in public. It puts pressure on you to follow through. Not all pressure is bad particularly ones that push you to do what you set out to do.

8. Effectively monitor your progress. There is no way to know where you’re going without understanding where you’ve been.





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