9 Confidence Boosters To Keep You Going

No matter who you are at some point you are going to be tested. Your marriage might hit a rough patch or you could lose your job. It doesn’t always have to be of that magnitude. Little things have been adding up to take the wind out of your sails.

No matter what you’re facing everyone needs confidence boosters to keep them going. Some people just have it naturally and can draw from it anytime they want. Many others need reminders to get them through so they can retake control of their lives.

Try the following confidence boosters. Use them as foundations to build from or reminders to get you back on track

1.  Don’t be affected by what people say about you.

People are going to talk. Good and bad. Somebody may be singing your praises one minute and cursing you the next. Take it in stride. If anybody wants to question you let them know you know how to handle your business. Better still don’t say anything. You know inside how to handle your business.

2. Accentuate the Positive

Keep a diary and jot down all the positive things that happen during the course of the day. You will be surprised to note the number of positive things that are happening around you, which you missed earlier.

This will help you also to eliminate self doubt about not only your abilities but who you are as a person. Repeat to yourself every day that you are getting better at what you do, and feel the difference.

3. Evaluate Relationships

Positive supportive people are great confidence boosters. At the other end of the spectrum however are those who are part of your social circle but to put it bluntly they are a drag on you. They don’t mean well and frankly being around them is slow poison to your self esteem. It may be hard but look to cut these people loose as soon as possible.

4. Tell That Negative Voice To Shut Up

It’s the one that keep you in a constant state of worry. What if this or that happens? The answer is always of the end of the world variety. No it’s not. Stay focused on what you have control of. Don’t let that negative voice zap your energy or steal your joy. When it tells you that you’re incapable of accomplishing something answer back with a positive affirmation and believe it.

5. Visualize

Think of a certain situation you may have to go through. Now see yourself passing that situation with flying colors. Do this for every circumstance. Tell yourself if others can succeed you will to.

6. Exercise

The physical effects the mental and vice versa. Exercise is one of the best confidence boosters. It gives you a great sense of accomplishment and adds to your energy levels.

7. Appearance

Ever notice when you’re looking sharp in front of a mirror you can’t help but smile?  Look you best feel your best. Good grooming and dressing well will help your self esteem immensely

8. Speak Up

You know you should have said something at the meeting but didn’t. Now you’re not feeling so good. Not speaking up eats away at self confidence. You’re telling yourself what you had to say has no value.  If they reject your ideas fine. But they won’t always. If you want your voice heard then you have to speak up.

9. Change Takes Time

I just saw a video where an online entrepreneur talked about one of his customers who wanted a refund after only buying the product two days before.

There is no way to create change in the blink of eye. Whatever you are working towards that will improve your life be patient.



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