A Guide To Self Esteem Building

self esteem building

Self esteem building is not an easy task in the world we live in. Maintaining one's composure sounds good but there is a lot of negativity out there to deal with.

It's easy to suffer from lack of self esteem when things and people around you keep pulling you down. But that just means you have to work harder and be patient especially with yourself. One of things that can help self-esteem building is learning to avoid or let go of whatever is blocking your improvement.

1.  People

Not all people but you know the type. Whiners, control freaks, hotheads, users, liars and the list goes on.  All these kinds of people will seemingly do everything in their power to insure your self esteem building crashes and burns.

2. The Past

Yes something that happened years before can still be painful. Life has a way of taking hold sometimes in a very unpleasant way and not letting go.

It's okay to hurt and say you're hurt but don’t let it keep you in a constant state of fear. Doing so will stop you from even thinking about self-esteem. Have a good cry then move on.

3. Just The Way It Is

The way you are is said to be a product of traits you inherited, where you grew up and the people around you. But you have your own identity. This is very important to remember for self-esteem building.

If your mother or father never got to realize their goals and aspirations it doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to you. Keeping a positive outlook is a choice not a birthright.

4. The Work Place

Nine to five environment can wear you out like very few places. It's not just the work load. The chatter from co-workers, the cutthroat mentality where at times it feels like being on a pirate ship and to top it off lack of acknowledgement for a job well done.

No one appreciates your contributions even if you stay late and come in early. Or that you did it all by yourself because no one was willing to help you. The key is to maintain a certain amount of detachment. Do your job the best you know how but don't get caught up in all the stuff.

5. Change

Nothing stays the same. Look at the telephone. Change oftentimes runs head long into our beliefs and perspectives. It can be a direct challenge to who we are and what we know and test us in ways that will remove all remnants of our comfort zone.

But it can also help significantly when it comes to self esteem building. Be open to it.

It's easy to be depressed when you consider the state of affairs. But that in many ways is the whole point of self-esteem building.  To get through the negativity that comes at us.

Develop an attitude of gratitude. Stay positive and help others whenever possible. If nobody gives you a pat on the back at work for doing a good job then compliment someone who's also doing a good job.

The same goes in your relationship with your family and friends. Every wants to be recognized and appreciated. Start doing that for others and you will be pleasantly surprised when it comes back to you.

If we become responsible for who we are and what we do then we take control of our lives in all phases. That's the ultimate goal of self esteem building.