Self-worth is about loving yourself. It seems like common sense and that everyone ought to know how to love themselves but unfortunately many of us find that difficult if not downright impossible to achieve.

That’s not to say attaining self-worth after a lifetime of negative thinking is impossible. Change is always possible. Learn to concentrate on what you want, be aware of your self-talk, be prepared to make those changes and treat yourself with respect.

Understand that from time to time, there may be gaps between what we believe, how we feel and how we behave. This discrepancy may lead to conflict, stress or tension, poor decision-making or judgment at the way things turn out.

Don’t let these shortcomings stop you however.  In the long run it will give you a more confident outlook on life. All of this is part of the maturing process.

Say to yourself, “I am worth it”. Say it over and over again throughout the day .

Repeat it as you are looking in the mirror. This may surprise you but many people find this step extremely difficult. They can’t bring themselves to accept that they are worth it! If this happens to you don’t stop. Keep going until you break through that wall of self negativity.