Moving On With Your Life After A Breakup

The best way to start rebuilding your life after a breakup is to take it one step at a time. Do not make any drastic moves or do anything you will regret.

It’s more than okay to concentrate on your feelings because that’s what you invest in a relationship. It’s a give and take of emotions that can make you strong and leave you vulnerable simultaneously.

This is one of the many reasons why breakups are tough. They leave you drained of those emotions. You thought when they said they loved you that it meant something. Truth to tell at the time may be it did but now your ex says they don’t. Which gets you to wondering did they ever really love you?

Whether they once meant it or not, you probably will never know. For now just believe they did love you as much as they could, in their own way, at some point. This will help give you a sense of positive self worth and make it easier for you to learn how to move on when the time is right.

Never, ever try to ignore how you are feeling. You need to allow yourself the time to wallow in the hurt, anger, and frustration. But make sure you set a time limit and commit to it. Staying in a state of gloom for too long is a breeding ground to never get over the breakup.

Get out of the house as soon as you can and do something to make yourself feel worthwhile. Spend some money on some new shoes or a new outfit, buy some flowers for the table, go get a manicure, volunteer some of your time at a nursing home for a day. Just be out in the world.

Do not, under any circumstances, contact your ex. This will only keep the pain and frustration close to the surface and keep you from dealing effectively with these feelings. You need the time to be able to work through each one as they surface and then get rid of them.

Stay away from bars and clubs after a breakup. Alcohol abuse will also only keep your feelings in the forefront. If you get drunk you may begin to feel that you can do or say something to try to get your ex back.

The only thing you will accomplish is making a fool of yourself and you really do not need to deal with that pain on top of everything else. Adding alcohol to an already bad situation IS stupid. Just do not do it.

Focus on yourself for the time being. Make yourself an appointment and get a new do or get to the gym you joined a year ago and get in shape. Just do anything and everything you can think of to make yourself feel better. Use your imagination and get creative.

The painful feelings will fade more and more as each day passes. You will find yourself smiling more and starting to have fun again someday soon. Then you can be proud that you mastered how to get over a relationship after a breakup and came out the other side a stronger person for the effort.

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