Take The Bitter With The Sweet For Stronger Personal Growth

affirmations for self esteemWhen a person achieves their goals or wins at something, he or she gets a feeling of highness, whereas when a person loses there is a tendency to get pessimistic.”Why can’t I ever get anywhere?” Or some variation of proclaiming to be ones self to be a failure.

It is a known fact that in this earth when the sun rises in one part of this hemisphere, the other part is in darkness.

The same fact applies to life as well. There will always be light and dark; sorrow and pleasures.

Tears are as necessary for a person as oxygen itself. They maintain a healthy balance in life. If a person does not realize the pain or suffering then it becomes difficult if not impossible to understand the joy of life. The sense of proportion gets lost.

Every person must accept the pains that life throws at them to find the true meaning of joy.  Not that you go out and deliberately invite pain into your life. It’s human nature to try and avoid it.

But even when it happens that doesn’t mean our existence is only about suffering. We forget the happiness we enjoyed in the past and get shortsighted. Our view of life becomes more jaded.

But the pendulum always swings both ways and in future the basic law of happiness will return. Happiness and positive affirmation wordssorrow co-exists with one another. Without one, the other is useless.

Thorns of life serve as a fence to protect the flowers for light and sunlight.  “Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.”

Smiles are sighs add spice to life which otherwise becomes boring and repetitive to the point of mind numbing. Even in scriptures, it is written to take joys and sufferings placidly without any hesitation.

The greatest people past and present have all suffered both the pains and pleasure. This is life and you only get one chance at it. To extract any happiness from it you must not only forge your own path but be willing to accept what comes your way. Good or bad.



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