The Benefits of Being Punctual

Somehow I got the idea when I was younger that it was cool to be late. Maybe I got it from the jazz musicians I read about and greatly admired. It seemed in that world showing up on time was as square as you can get.

Maybe it was just an outright rebellion of being in school. After all that’s where most of us got our first taste of what punctuality means.

We had to be there at a particular time every day, and every teacher would teach us for a particular amount of time each day and then make way for another teacher to enter. Ugh!

But then you get to a point where punctuality is not something to rebel against or look down upon. It becomes a virtue that carries many benefits with it.

When we are punctual, we get an early start in whatever we are intending to do. Being early is being better prepared, and there is also the fact that we have more time on our hands. We make sure that we do not miss out on anything when we are punctual, and that definitely enhances the productiveness of whatever it is that we are intending to do.

Punctuality is a much-appreciated virtue by others. If you have to meet other people, and you ensure that you are on time, then it is something that everyone really appreciates. No one likes to wait. Put yourself in the shoes of the person who has to wait for someone and you will understand!

People who are punctual get more opportunities in life. Consider an example. Suppose that you have to go to a meeting and you are late. In that case, you will just have to go to the meeting and walk off.

That doesn’t give you a lot of opportunity to meet people. But, if you were punctual, you could have probably got the chance to speak with people and who knows what opportunities could have emerged from all those discussions?

People trust you more as well. Your bosses will rely upon you more than others if you are always punctual.

By being punctual, you develop an immense opinion of your own self-worth. You will be more contented with yourself. Most importantly, you will be able to put faith in yourself. This helps in improving your own self-esteem.

These are the ways in which punctuality can help you. Think about it… if you get all these benefits, your life could certainly make an important turn for the better.

Punctuality. Who knew the squares were right all along?


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