We all know the importance of exercise and in particular finding the right work out regime. It’s not just a matter of going to the gym or setting up a gym at home. Picking the work out regime most suited for you also requires taking into consideration other factors.


There are going to be certain exercises that you see demonstrated that you will take to immediately. The range of motion along with the number of repetitions and how many times a day you need to perform is tailored to your wants.

2. Dislikes

Yes you know an exercise can be greatly beneficial. But the very thought of performing this exercise fills you with dread.

Now understand there are some exercises where you are going to have to just grin and bear it in order to make it part of your work out regime.

But if you see an overall pattern of dislike then it’s time to look for alternatives which can still bring you the desired effects.

3. Going To The Gym

If you have no problem paying a membership fee then going to the gym may be a good idea for a work out regime. You can meet people there who could become your exercise buddies.

Even if you don’t sources say, “Many people find it easier to focus on working out away from the responsibilities and temptations of home.

It’s also a place to create competition which can only help your work out regime. Going to the gym knowing others are going to push you to do your best on a consistent basis is a major perk.

4. The Home Gym

Exercising in public is not for everyone. You find that you’re too self conscious or distracted by what all is going on around you. Setting things up in the privacy of your own home may be better.

You get to use the equipment you want when you want. Self-motivating yourself to continue performing your work out regimes is not a problem for you. If that’s the case start putting it into place and go for it.

5. How Intense?

It’s always good to begin any work out regime with something of a low intensity and build up. However that doesn’t necessarily apply to everybody.

Some people can jump immediately into the deep end of the pool by doing high intensity exercises and stay there even cranking it up!

Others it’s low or medium intensity with the intent to keep it at that level. Which one fits you. As a reminder check with a physician before you start your work out regime regardless of intensity level.

6. Time

Like anything else worth doing you have to make time for it. To get the full benefits of your work out regime means giving it your focus on a regular basis.

You don’t have to do it everyday (your body needs to rest) but committing to three to four days a week for a half hour or more for a few months may be necessary to achieve whatever your desired goals.

Recognize you are not like anyone else. Sure a particular work out regime works for people in your circle. That’s fine but if doesn’t work for you then refrain from criticizing yourself. It just means there is more research to be done.  Stay patient and motivated to find the right on for you.