Working On Self Esteem From N to Z

N – Never be unfair. If you're trying to be underhanded in your dealings then you're wasting your time. Treat others as you want to be treated.

O – Open your eyes. Yes stay focused on your dreams but understand the reality you live in. Getting to the point you want things to be means seeing how they are now.

P – Practice. Want to play a musical instrument? The only way to do it is to do it over and over again. The same goes for personal development. Practice helps us learn from our mistakes and pushes us to do better.

Q – Quitters quit. Since they quit they never reach their goals. Never.

R – Ready yourself. You can't run in a marathon if you're not training for it. Working on self esteem is also about laying the groundwork for your success. Listen to that inner voice that tells you to get ready for what's coming.

S – Stop procrastinating. I'll do it tomorrow or the next day won't cut it. Time is one thing you can never get back.

T – Take Control. Things can happen that you didn't expect but it's still your life and taking control is a prime factor of building self improvement. Relish the opportunity.

U – Understand. We want to make our point without fully digesting the value of other people's ideas and opinions. Learning to listen first to what other people say can be humbling but extremely helpful in your personal growth.

V – Visualize. You have to see it. You do see it. Your dream is so real you can walk right into it. Keep focused. Even when you have to wade into the minutiae of achieving your dream always remember what it looks like

W – Want it. Dreaming is believing. You don't sort a kind of want to be better in every area of your life. You do want it! Let that hunger keep you motivated.

X – As in eXtra. One of the results of working on self esteem is you find yourself inspired to do more. Extra time for friends and family. Extra work on the job or in your community. That extra is one of the benefits of personal growth.

Y – You are unique. It might be corny but this song says a lot.

Value who you are because you only get one chance at it.

Z – Zero in. Focus. Eliminate distractions. Set aside time and commit to doing something everyday to achieve your dreams.

We don't want it all to pass us by but life can sometimes stop us from taking action. Working on self esteem is a key to unlocking the unique ideas and talents that only you possess. Stay motivated. You're going to get there.

Keep dreaming. Keep believing.